Winter Holiday Camp 2019

Week 1: December 23, 24, 27
Week 2: December 30, 31  & January 2, 3

Bermy Babysitters Holiday Camp is an all-inclusive winter activity camp for kids aged 5 - 10 years. We offer a great flexible childcare option, bookable as individual days or the whole break at a time and with extended hours options to help with late pick-up. Our camps offer an abundance of engaging school holiday activities such as sports, outdoor exploration, arts & crafts and team games.

Price List

Camp, à la carte

$125 per day

Register for one all-inclusive day of care & fun.

Camp Complete


Sign up for all 3 days of our all inclusive December Holiday Camp and save $25!

Camp Combo


Join us for 3 days of camp fun & then spend Friday night at our PJ Party with games, crafts, movies & dinner until 11pm.


What does the camp include?

Our day camps are high-energy, all-day fun that’s far from ordinary. Don’t worry about your kids sitting around bored all day.  Here they’ll interact with other children, playing games, creating crafts and enjoying different camp themes each day. Every day we will provide your child with fruit, lunch, snacks and unlimited water!

What are your opening hours?

Bermybabysitters Holiday Camp is open from 8:00 am-6:00pm

For any camper left after 6:00pm, you will be charged $2 per minute.

How do I make a booking?

Booking with BermyBabysitters multi-activity day camps couldn't be simpler! You can online by registering to start the process.

What are the payment options?

You can either pay via credit/debit card online or over the phone, or bank transfer. If you book early you can pay a deposit and the remainder at a later stage.

What if I want to make changes to my booking?

We understand that your childcare plans can change and we want to be as flexible as possible for you, and also as fair as possible to all customers. If you need to switch your dates and we still have space on the dates you'd like to move to, we can make these changes. Please note however, changes can only be made if at least 3 working days before your child is due to attend. Cancellations are non-refundable.

What happens after I make my booking?

After you've made your booking you'll receive an email confirmation with all your booking details attached. Please make sure you check your invoice and let us know right away if anything is incorrect. Responsibility for all booking details lies with the person who made the booking. 

Are there any pre-camp arrival forms to fill out?

Before your child comes to camp there are a few pre-arrival forms to complete. We can't accept any child on camp without a Registration form & Medical Form

How will my child be looked after?

The welfare of your child is our primary concern. Before our childrens camps open we make sure the venue is appropriate for the care of kids aged between 5 and 10 years old. On-site risk assessments are completed and staff are trained in all the necessary policies and procedures. This training includes health, safety, hygiene, safeguarding, first aid, managing children's behaviour and much more. We also train staff to deliver a variety of different activities, always making sure they're safe and fun.

Whilst your child is at BermyBabysitters Holiday Camp staff monitor the activities daily to check they are safe and running in accordance with our codes of practice.. Children are continually supervised by staff throughout the day including break and lunch times.

At the end of each day our staff will follow our secure collection procedure as children leave. If you'd like any feedback on your child's day please just ask during this time and we'll arrange for your child's Group Co-Ordinator to speak to you.

It's my child's first time...

We understand that parents can feel a little nervous when sending their child to a camp for the first time. Our caring staff will make sure that you're quickly put at ease and your child is settled in smoothly. BermyBabysitters is here to provide you with a high quality kids holiday camp, a responsibility we take very seriously. Staff support each individual child during their first time at camp by making sure they're familiar with the venue, staff and how the programme works and what they should expect during their day.

Further reassurance is provided through the group staff who quickly get to know your child and their individual needs and interests. Each child will be assigned Group Co-Ordinator, during their time at camp. Buddy systems are used to pair children with a friend so everyone feels included. 'Name' and 'Get to know you' circle games are played during the registration period in the base room so children are immediately involved in a group activity. You'll be amazed at how quickly the children settle in and make new friends.

What should my child bring?

 For the safety and welfare of your child/ren, we need a completed Essential Information form for every child on camp. Please complete details in full, print and sign, then hand into camp directly on your child's first day. Please note: Each and every child that attends needs to have a completed Essential Information form; we cannot accept children onto camp without this.

We recommend children wear comfortable clothing and closed toe footwear. We suggest you don't send them in new or valuable clothing as they will be involved in activities such as field sports and art and crafts.

Please provide sun protection cream each morning, staff will remind children at break times to apply sun cream and help younger ones if needed. It is also a good idea to send a broad-brimmed hat that shades the face, neck and ears. 

BermyBabies has a no nuts policy. Please make sure there are no items containing nuts if you plan to send your child with snacks

Please make sure all clothing is named and that your child brings home all items at the end of the day. It's very difficult for us to locate lost property once children have left camp.

What shouldn't my child bring to camp?

We strongly advise that children don't bring mobile telephones*, watches, computer games, ipods and such like on to camp. There's no real use for these items and they are often mislaid as children are busy and excited doing other things. Staff are trained not to put themselves in a difficult position by taking care of such items and we cannot accept responsibility if they are lost or stolen.

*Mobile phones: Although we understand the need for older children who make their way to and from camp to have a mobile phone, they're not allowed to be used once on camp, during break times or for photographs. They must be kept in personal baggage at the risk of the owner at all times. Please make sure your child is aware of this.

Do children need any money at camp?

No, there's no need for children to bring any money to camp as there is nothing to purchase.

My child has a specific medical condition. Do I need to tell you?

Yes - please tell us anything we need to know about your child's health when you make your booking e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, serious allergies and so on. In some cases we may need to send you some more forms and get additional information from you about your child's needs. The more information you provide us with the better quality of care we can provide for your child. If your child needs medication at camp, you must let the staff know and complete a medication form available at registration.

At least one member of the BermyBabysitters at camp will be trained to administer an Epi-Pen in an emergency situation. Parents must inform the camp if their child carries an Epi-Pen.

What if my child is ill or has an accident at camp?

We understand your concerns, but don't worry we're well prepared. At each of our childcare settings we have qualified first aid staff who are trained to deal with accidents and illnesses. Fortunately almost everything we have to deal with are grazes on knees and so on. Should a child suffer a more serious injury or fall ill at camp you will be contacted immediately.

What if my child is ill and cannot attend the camp?

In fairness to others we can't accept children at camp if they're ill. Please let us know if they have recently had an illness or condition in case they are still infectious. If a child requires medication whilst at camp, please supply it in a well-labelled container and sign a consent form available at registration.
If your child misses days due to illness days cannot be taken at another time and there will be no refund.

Our Location

For Your Convenience

#18 Woodlands Road
(Little Learners Preschool)

Why can't I see pictures of my child on social media?

Where possible, we post photos to our social media platforms for parents to view. Please note we can't guarantee your child will appear on these. Whilst our best efforts are made to take as many photos as possible at camp, the operation of the camp itself has to come first. Depending what is happening on site, unfortunately other tasks do sometimes take priority.

If you don't want images of your child to be taken and shared on social media, please update the relevant section on your child's Essential Information form.

What is your behavior management policy?

To grow, learn and thrive children need an environment where they feel secure, respected and encouraged. Each group agrees how they'll interact with each other in their first session together, in essence creating their own set of rules. The group leader is there to promote a positive environment that accepts differences and encourages children to be considerate in their actions and words.

Should the good atmosphere of the group be compromised by disruptive or inappropriate actions and words, staff will remind, explain and aim to resolve the issue. Depending on the extent of the infringement and the frequency, we may have to exclude a child from the camp.

What is your policy on bullying?

Bullying is not tolerated at BermyBabysitters. Any such behaviour will be treated seriously and staff will intervene at the earliest possible stage. Our policy contains procedures to deal with bullying behaviour in 3 clearly defined steps; preventing, identifying and taking action. Throughout camp, we emphasise the importance of our code of conduct with the children and role model expected behaviour.

What is your child protection policy?

BermyBabysitters is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. We will create an environment in which children feel safe. Any suspicions or allegations of child abuse will be taken seriously; and responded to swiftly and appropriately.

All staff working with children therefore have a duty in law to act if they consider a child is at risk or makes a disclosure. Our staff act in accordance with the procedures of the relevant local authority for each specific camp location